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Food Talk

Kimchi, a healthy traditional food

I went to a nearby Korean restaurant to try some of their other delicacies aside from kimchi but it turns out that most of the dish in their menu has…
Food Talk

The Wonder Fruit Avocado

If you are not fond of eating Avocado a.k.a alligator pears then you must start liking them because it carries a number of health benefits you wouldn’t expect from a…

A Mexican Influenced Ratatouille

In this video, Bruno Albouze of Bruno’s Kitchen shares his family’s traditional baked ratatouille recipe. He says that his parents live in a small village in the south of France,…
Food Talk

Hot Spices Myth: Ulcer Causing Jalapenos

Anyone who has felt the acid-induced aftermath of a spicy meal can understand why hot spices are often believed to cause ulcers. But while spicy foods may indeed aggravate ulcers,…
Food Talk

Peanut Reaction Risks and How To Avoid Them

CNN reports that even a small amount of peanuts can cause a highly allergic person to have a severe reaction. Some of the symptoms of a peanut allergy reaction include…

Everything goes into this wrap

It was one of those days when I had a little bit of everything and I just wanted to get rid of them that day! I first thought of making…